Posted by: seasideviews | 06/04/2010

Easter Holidays

The weeks either side of Easter are the most popular for holidays – even more popular than August.   Why?  If we assume the typical British holiday maker has five weeks holiday:

  • 1 week: Christmas/New Year
  • 2 weeks: July/August
  • this still leaves two weeks with a high likelihood of using one of the Easter weeks.

So, as our North American cousins say “do the math”:

  • Christmas/New Year – mass catering and spending this time with mother-in-law stretches the definition of holiday = 10% chance of it being a holiday.
  • July/August – two weeks out of six = 33% probability (in simple terms leaving aside the longer holidays enjoyed by the privately educated and the “we need the last week to get the kids ready for school”)
  • Easter – one or perhaps two weeks off = 50% probability.

A note for North Amerca

Most, if not all, of Europe has a long weekend over Easter … I realise your situation is different, few of you enjoy five weeks holidays either.

The point

No one has come back to me about the aerial views of the Suffolk Coast, and the artist/photographer with a lovely panoramic collage of the Aldeburgh shore has sunk without trace.  So will have to do without these extras for the time being.  Sorry!


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